WFC – Officers are allowed two years in a corporation and Board Members are routinely voted

This statement should appear on page 13 before Director Independence except where names of Board of Directors may vary per corporation under Corporation Categorical Standards page in every of these corporations.
The corporation owner is committed to wellness, apprehend and agree to corporate governance principles and practices. The corporation owner agrees on correctness and adapted corporate guidelines to provide the framework for the governance of the Board and the Company.

Named Executive                  2016 Annual Incentive Award($)(1)

These guidelines set forth, among other matters, Board membership criteria, director, retirement and resignation policies, Independent contracts, information about the committees of the board and information about other policies and procedures of the board including management succession planning which is not limited by the Board’s Leadership structure and responsibilities of the Directors.

The corporation owner has also conducted the necessities permissive for the board to adopt code of ethics which states that, our policy and standards for ethical conduct by our directors and expectation of directors should act in a manner that serves the best interests of the company.

We have also had in effect over the last 100 years a code of ethics for all Team Members and we expect all of our Team Members, Stockholders, Customers, Affiliated businesses and corporations we do business with to comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations that governs our business.

Our investors play a huge part in our business and so do we. We should gain and exercise our business framework and architecture to encompass such conformity, keeping a stabilize environment and meeting the demand of our customers world wide.

The corporation owner certify that

  1. Under no circumstances should the business exchange hands without the written authorization from the originator.
  2. Under no circumstances will the business oversees it’s due diligence prior to paying employees’ salaries.
  3. In case of inadequate funds, a temporary gap of restructuring might be applicable to gain and remit the employee(s) thus aligning with the corporation’ strategy by maintaining stability within the corporation.
  4. Board of directors are elected into office for a certain period of time depending on their assigned duties and responsibilities.
  5. Base on their performance and score card metrics, they eventually become eligible for re-election.
  6. The corporation owner expects satisfactory customer services to our clients whom we perform businesses with as referred to customers when conducting sales and services.
  7. Any miss conduct would not be accepted by our disciplinary committee although the committee assigned to resolved such arising issue would have to take into consideration the impose effects arising from wireless apps which may have caused such misunderstanding in the first place. Or influence such unpleasant and/or negative attacks.
  8. The corporation owner priorities are continuous and knowledge base training, growing the company and enriching his/her employees. We should all as team members be responsible to maintain and implement these framework and guides to our respective groups in order to achieve and complete certain tasks when allowed and have acquired permissibility to perform such duties.

Corporation Categorical Standards

Initiative Description
Banking and
The company’s banking and other subsidiaries had ordinary course banking and financial services relationships in 2015 with most of our directors, some of their immediate family members, and/or certain entities affiliated with such directors and their immediate family members, including entities currently associated with other board of directors.
The company and its subsidiaries purchase products or services in the ordinary course of business from wireless telecommunications carries, including products and services provided to those carriers by Blackberry Limited, where Mr. Chen is executive chairman and chief executive officer. The aggregate amount of payments made by the company during 2015 to these carriers and Blackberry devices did not exceed 1% of Blackberry’s or the Company’s 2015 consolidated gross revenues.
The company relies on information collected by financial research performed through Google, Inc. where Valerie Fotso acts as management and distribution of this information which should meet the goals of our internal Information Management Services (IMS). The services charges and summation amount of payments made by the company in the last decades annually did not exceed 1% of Google’s consolidated gross revenues.
The company maintains construction, development and estates of close approximation of both living quarters to place-of-work with Lennar Corporation and other vendor corporations through our leasing department. Again, the aggregate summarized amount of payments made by the company during last decade to these construction companies did not exceed 1% uniquely or the individual company’s 2015 consolidated gross revenues.
The company or its charitable foundation made charitable contributions during 2015 to a tax-exempt organization where the assigned board of director is employed as the executive officer and to tax-exempt organizations where Valerie Fotso oversees the distribution of charitable gifts. In each case, the contributions were less than $100,000.00
Management experienced was earn from the past Board of Director positions held in SouthTrust Corporation and its successor, Wachovia Corporation where the individual was employment ended in 2005. With the agreement to serve as the Board of Director for Wells Fargo & Company, Duties assign are in accordance with WFC as a liaison to KMPG accounting Firm where the summation payments in 2015 did not exceed 1% of WFC consolidation income. The company promotes manufacture and textile products of KGOO Corporation to its high earning employees as much as clients globally. The profitability of such endeavor is countless, opening new doors to expand monuments, shopping areas and office buildings including living quarters where the owner has continuous dedicated effort to finalized these partnership.