JBVEF NEWS 2013-09-30 The United States has constantly responded to issues surrounding the Middle East and other countries which have close ties to countries such as India, Kuwait, and Iran in the Middle East to clearly understand what may be causing relentless unrest to those places. More on this topic…

JBVEF NEWS 2013-09-30 The United States has made peaceful negotiations with countries like Syria, Iran, Yemen, Iraq, North Korea, China and Japan of the Middle East to avoid the manufacturing of nuclear war fares and chemical weapons. Most of these nations are leaning to develop nuclear proliferation for their protections and prevention from other nations such as Israel, India, Saudi Arabia and Russia. More on this topic…

JBVEF NEWS-2013-09-19 America nuclear purifications by other nations needs to be evaluated due to mismanagement of funds. Most of these corporations have continuously increase their expenses pushing down charges to retail customers. More on this topic…

JBVEF NEWS 2013-09-18 Reports are coming out from Syrian local news, that they are experiencing unusual cyclonic wind change which may be due to monsoon winds. These cyclonic wind were greatly felt around Latakia and Cyprus. More on this topic…

JBVEF NEWS: 2013-09-09 The present unrest coming out of Syria is prompting discussions between Middle East and United States. The president of the United States of America, Barack Obama responded to numerous comments concerning threats from Syrian forces. More on this topic…


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